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  • Understandable for everyone

We know Japan tax is so complex and difficult to understand. The National Tax Agency, the official tax organisation in Japan, provides various tax information here. But it would be hard for non-Japanese speakers to use this website and prepare a tax return properly as this does not cover ‘everything’ (If you can, maybe you don’t need our services). No website can cover all the tax information, of course. And most information regarding Japan taxes is obtained from the Internet but it is written in Japanese and you may not want to learn Japanese for understanding Japan tax rules. Thus the best (only) way to do Japan taxes is ask someone who knows Japan tax rules very well like us. We use plain language to communicate with you. You don’t need to worry about horrible tax documents written in Japanese!

  • Satisfactory services

We would like to know what services you need because how much you need will largely depend on your situation. If you have just set up a corporation and no idea what to do at all, for example, you may require comprehensive services including bookkeeping, and various taxes. On the other hand, you may only need a certain tax return preparation service if you are an experienced accountant in a foreign country but not very sure about Japan taxes. We understand we have to be flexible with our services.

  • Transparent pricing

Do you see tax and accounting services as a “black box”? Do you think tax and accounting firms charge you more than you expected when they think they can get? This lack of price transparency does not create long-term value, and we understand you want to know how much you pay for our services you need before hitting the submit button on our contact form. We have a list of our services on our website here. No need to show you hidden fees that surprise you!


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    Tips to help your business (tax and accounting) in Japan



    • Accounting is definitely an essential part of your business. The more you understand it, the better you are able to achieve your commercial goals. Bookkeeping is not very easy for non-accounting people but you don’t have to understand everything as you time is limited. We just want to show you some basic ideas about accounting. Visit Accounting.


    Corporation income tax

    • You need to file a corporation income tax return at least once a year if you set up a corporation in Japan. And you have to know when and how it is filed (and paid). Also, do you need to do these if there is no profit? For more information, visit Overview of corporation income tax.
    • There are several things you need to do as the paperwork ‘right after’ the incorporation. Some documents are simple and you just submit them to let the Japan tax offices know about the incorporation. But others may have a big impact on your business because you may be able to change the frequency of withholding tax payment, request an extension of the due date for the corporation income tax return, etc. For details, see After incorporation.
    • ‘Blue return’ is certainly the most basic but most important thing that you shouldn’t forget after the incorporation. Almost all corporations in Japan (should) file the blue return because it is definitely better than the white return (the opposite return usually for beginners). If you want to select the blue return, you need to submit a document after the incorporation. Check Blue return to see how good it is.
    • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have great tax benefits such as reduced tax rate. Are you an SME? Read Small and medium-sized enterprises.
    • Japan tax rule limits on the amount of deductible compensation that a company pays to executives. It is recommended you pay the same amount to them on a monthly basis. Also, you have to think about whether executive compensation (including retirement allowances) is unreasonably high. Read Executive compensation.

    Consumption tax

    • Consumption tax is a Japanese VAT (value-added tax) or GST (goods and services tax). You have to pay close attention to this tax especially when you set up a corporation. On one hand, the corporation income tax is imposed on your income, which is ‘basically’ uncontrollable, and must be filed by all corporations. On the other hand, the consumption tax can be controllable under certain conditions, and some corporations can become tax-exempt. Moreover, some corporations can get a tax refund. And these usually happens two or three years after the incorporation. Visit Overview of consumption tax.
    • As mentioned above, for the consumption tax, your corporation may become non-taxable, but the rules are complicated.Also, in some cases, it intentionally becomes taxable when the tax refund is expected. For details, visit Taxable person.
    • Sales are sales but they can be categorised into some groups under the consumption tax rule. And it is good to understand this if you want to see whether you can get the tax refund or not. By the way, this tax is imposed on sales, not purchases. See Taxable sales.
    • Japan consumption tax rate is going to be raised to 10 percent from 8 percent on 1st October 2019. Reduced tax rate will be also applied to food, beverages, and newspapers. Check Japan consumption tax hike in 2019.
    • Reduced tax rate is so complicated. We show you some common questions and answers. See this page
    • Just incorporated? Your new company may be able to get a Japan consumption tax refund. See Japan consumption tax refund.
    • Invoicing system will start in Japan in 2023. Check the rule before it starts

    Withholding tax

    • Corporations, as a payer of certain income, are required to take an income tax from certain payments and pay it to the Japan tax office on behalf of the recipient of the income. If failed, the penalty may be imposed on ‘your corporation’ (not the recipient). To avoid it, visit Overview of withholding tax.
    • The Japan tax law tells you what payments of income need withholding tax. Check Income subject to withholding tax.
    • Year-end adjustment? All Japanese companies have to know how to withhold income tax from employees’ salary correctly. See Year-end adjustment.

    Depreciable assets tax

    • Maybe all companies have some depreciable assets such as desks and PCs. Then you need to file a depreciable assets tax return every year. For more information, visit Depreciable assets tax.

    Statutory tax report

    • Statutory tax report is called ‘Hoteichosyo gokeihyo’ in Japanese, and may not be known to many of you. But this has to be prepared and filed every year under the tax law. For details, visit Statutory tax report.


    • You want to know what is basically needed to set up payroll? Visit Payroll.


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